Monday, July 6, 2020

Journalism today has greater responsibilities than ever before. This is a global profession in a technologically advanced world. A world that is brought together by technology but taken too far apart by prejudices and misrepresentation.  Media has a role in bringing the fragmented world together. The media has a role in tearing this world apart. They have the responsibility to become part of the solution. The best way to play our role as journalists and journalism professionals is to help the citizens of the world develop understanding of each other. The path to peace goes through the human effort of developing empathy among people belonging to different cultures.

The Bridge is an effort to fulfil this responsibility. Students from Peshawar have written about Australia through discussing themes with their counterparts in RMIT Melbourne. The same is what the students from Melbourne did with assistance from the students in Peshawar. The collaborative reports were fully developed through this cooperation. The process from theme selection to story writing was carried out by the students on both sides. They attended virtual classes while communicated with each other through modern gadgets and apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and FB, Messenger to complete their stories on the other side. The stories below are from the students of Peshawar.