Monday, July 6, 2020

About Dr Altaf Khan

Journalism is becoming an increasingly complex profession. While the old concepts continue to remain relevant, there are newer ones emerging every passing day. Technology and globalization are two main drivers of modern media. The term mass media itself is losing its meaning as the sole hegemon, affecting human behavior. The new media, social media, is competing hard with the mainstream and taking over many of the former roles of the mass media. On the other hand, there is more human interaction than ever before in the history of humanity. The world has become a very different place after the intense interaction through too many tools of interaction in too many ways.

This opportunity definitely poses its corresponding challenges. We get aware of things in distant parts of the globe through the mediated and a global construction of reality. This reality is biased from all sides. We see things in a better or worse light through our own spectacles tainted by our existing prejudices about the other as well as the limited knowledge base that is produced and modified through the lens of selective and partial knowledge frame.

It is high time for people who are in the knowledge creation business to embark on a new journey. This journey is neither the ages old one regarding self knowledge, nor is it that of national or global identity. It is rather a unique challenge to know the world in a holistic manner, to universalize our worldview. This doesn’t even sound simple, let alone being simple by any stretch of the word.

The Far Bridge is one such effort to give a platform to initiatives that could support the universalization of our understanding. To help in understanding of a universal democracy, borrowing the words of George Herbert Mead. The Far Bridge is currently a personal space, since I, in my limited capacity, don’t know any other platform. But it is not meant to be personal. Its aim is to serve humanity, within our feeble capacities. As an academic and a journalist I see knowledge promotion and communication as the best ways to make the world a better place for all humanity. There might be many other ways, but one does what one knows best.

About TheFarBridge