Safety and ethics during corona pandemic

ethics during the corona pandemic

The complete webinar session on safety and ethics during corona pandemic is available on The Farbridge youtube channel.

The webinar was held with collaboration between JMIC, OsloMet & Mass Communication Department, FCCU, Lahore. Participants from Pakistan, Indonesia, South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Rwanda were included in the webinar. The trainer for the webinar is Abeer Saadey

The transnational webinar on the theme Local & Global: Safety and ethics for journalists during the corona pandemic has been organised to help journalists who have to cover the spread of the coronavirus in the field in their countries. This includes physical and digital safety, as well as general wellbeing and tips. What are the main ethical and safety challenges that face journalists covering the pandemic? How do reporters, editors and photographers do their work? What about equipment? With the procedures imposed and limited information, how can journalists still do the job and verify news? How do they deal with challenges with sources and other ethical dilemmas?


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